winget : CLI Package Management on Windows Finally Arrives with Microsoft’s Blessing

Installing git with winget

Windows 11 has brought winget into the Operating System baseline. Windows users and developers can now get native command line based package management the likes of apt and pacman on Linux or homebrew on macOS without needing to install any additional utilities like Chocolatey.

Installing a new application can be as simple as searching for it and running the applications install Name or Id. I’ve found using the Id will result in less name collisions.

For something like PeaZip where it comes back with a single match for peazip using the shorter name value will work.

Searching for and then installing PeaZip

Unfortunately for git a simple winget install git won’t cut it. Another package has a name collision so the full id is better used here.

Running winget install git.git

The official documentation for winget can be found on Microsoft’s website and provides a catalog of packages

Preview of

mlocate alternative for Windows

Linux regulars have probably come across the the mlocate utility perhaps better known as the locate command. Over the years I have tried a few Windows utilities to replicate what mlocate did so well. Find files – quickly and painlessly.

To this end the best tool I’ve come across for this job is a project called Everything by Void Tools. You can find documentation and download links over at their home page here:

Everything Search Window
A sample search in Everything